Professional introduction:

My name is György Hochstein, I was born in 1977 in Budapest.

I come from one of Hungary's most famous craft families, the Hochstein family, with decades of experience.
I learned the art of knife making from my father, Tamás Hochstein, and have been making custom knives and pocket knives for almost 28 years.

My task is from the birth of the idea through the creation up to the appreciation of the customer.


Hochstein quality is made from high quality materials that combine form and function perfectly.

Each workflow is done by myself, to ensure consistent quality and continuity.
My Series Line knives are made with limited changes with serial numbers!
Because the raw materials I have chosen for my Series Line knives are good, but not in the premium category, so the pricetag on theese knives are significantly more favorable, than my exclusive knives.

I never let down on the quality of the making and craftsmanship!

We regularly participate in domestic and foreign trade fairs with our products, where our work is undivided success.

Please get in touch if any of our product raises your attention!